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Nothing is more important than a good humidity pack to cure and properly store your stash. This 58% Relative Humidity pack by Boveda is the one of the most important elements to keeping your stash fresh and up to snuff for weeks and months to come. This specialized size humidity pack is designed to work in conjunction with the Cvault storage container that can store anything from cannabis, tobacco, herbs, spices, wax, to even dough and other food products because of the food grade stainless steel that our containers are created from.



Some Details About the 67 Gram 58% Humidity Pack

- Made of Natural Salt & Water

- Specifically Sized to Work with the CVault

- Patented Humidity Package Design for 2 Way Humidity Distribution


Remember, the proper air-tight storage is part of the solution, but the other is dispensing the right humidity and no one else does it better than Boveda.

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