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Boveda Humidipak - 10 Packs Year Supply - 62% 8 Gram Pak

Boveda Humidipak - 10 Packs Year Supply - 62% 8 Gram Pak

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When it comes to making sure everything in your CVault stays fresh, then the Boveda Humidipak does the trick. This is a special set of 10 Bovedas that will keep whatever you store in your CVault guaranteed fresh for up to a year. Don't worry about running out ange getting replacement Boveda packs, because you don't want your stash to dry out. These 8 Gram 62% humidity packs will stay nice and fresh until you use them, and give you the humidity you need to keep your CVault contents fresh all year long.

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Question: if i bought this 10 pack where should i store the ones that aren't going to be in use right away? where can i store them so that they to loose their ability to control the humidity?
By bgately94 on February 24th, 2017
Answer: We recommend storing Additional Boveda in an airtight container, A retired glass jar works well
Question: If I order extra packs what is the shelf life of the packs. Where do I order just the packs. The order page on Amazon indicates a 67 gram size pack that comes with the 8 liter container. Should I try to find this size or should I just order the 62 gram size. Will the 8 liter container handle my dumping one 16oz bag of loose pipe tobacco in it. Thanks
By dtca on February 16th, 2017
Answer: Please note we do not sell on Amazon, for the 8 liter CVault it comes with (2) each 67 gram Boveda in 62% relative humidity (RH)

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