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Boveda 320 Gram Humidity Pack - Fits 21 Liter CVault Storage Containers

Boveda 320 Gram Humidity Pack - Fits 21 Liter CVault Storage Containers

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Looking to keep your stash fresh for the long haul? These replacement 62% humidity packs are the best in the business. These are the official humidity packs for the CVault storage containers. This particular Boveda pack is a larger 320 gram pack that is designed to work with the 21 Liter dispensary containers line for larger grows and storage solutions.

One pack lasts months to seal in just enough humidity to keep your grow at exactly the right moisture so it doesn't lose potentcy and efficiency.

Specifications of the Replacement Humidity Pack for CVault Dispensary Containers

- Dimensions of Pack : 6.75" x 5" x 0.82"

- Equivalent to over 5 large Boveda packs

- Unopened Shelf Life of 2 years

- Replacement Needed when pack begins to get rigid

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