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Looking for the best humidity packs? Then you've heard of Boveda Humidity Packs. These exclusive 320 Gram Size in 62% humidity will cure and keep fresh just about any tobacco, weed or herb item that you can imagine. In fact these larger size humidity packs were specifically designed to work with the larger size CVault weed storage containers. That's right, part of the magic of the CVault is the curing process that continues on with these magical little humidity packs.

What Type of Humidity Packs are You Going to Get?

  • 3 Official Fresh Unopened Boveda Humidity Packs at 62% Relative Humidity
  • Humidity Packs are Double Sealed. Inside Cardboard Container & Sealed in Plastic

How Do These Humidity Packs Work?

  • Simple Open & Use
  • Put Inside Designated Container and Seal
  • Can Last Anwyhere Between 1-3 Months
  • Replace When Humidity Pack Starts To Feel Crunchy & Harden
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