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Personal Stash Containers Bundle - XSmall

Personal Stash Containers Bundle - XSmall

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Who doesn't love a little extra bit of freshness? Well, now with this bundle of personal stash containers you can have a backup or even give it to a friend as a gift. This comes as a 3 pack of extra small Cvault personal stash containers with Boveda stay fresh humidipacks. So now you can take these on the go with you and not worry about unsightly containers, drying out of your contents, and better yet it's air tight and light resistant.



What Comes with Your Personal Stash Containers Bundle?


- 3 Extra Small CVault Storage Containers

- 3 Boveda humidity paks to Keep Contents Fresh


If you're looking for some personal stash containers, then this bundle offers both a discount, and of course our 1 year performance guarantee.



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