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You probably need some really good weed containers. But did you know you just landed on the industry's number one container? More dispensaries, head shops and growers use our weed containers more than any other long term storage solution. No matter what type of medicine you are putting in these high quality, high endurance containers, are sealing in your weed with freshness. Finding the perfect way to store your weed has never been easier. In this weed containers supply solution, this is a discounted pack of 4, 2 Liter C Vaults with everything you need to get started storing, curing and preserving.


What You Get With Your 4 Pack of Weed Containers

- 4 Official 2 Liter CVault Weed Containers  (Can Hold 3 To 4 Ounces of Product)

- 4 Packs of Boveda 62% Humidity Packs for Use with Container

- Simple Instructions on How to Properly Use Your CVault

Why Are These The Best Weed Containers For Storage?

- Made From Food Grade Stainless Steel

- Steel Lid Design w/ Airtight Silicone Ring Ensures Seal

- Specialty Humidity Packet Holder Installed Efficiently Under Lid

- Durable Spot Welded Latches Make For a Long Term Use Container

- Keeps Product Fresh Longer & Even Bringd Old Dried Our Weed To Life

So if you want to stop destroying your weed, and level up to a better storage solution. then these CVault 2 Liter weed containers are exactly what the Green Doctor ordered!

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