Dispensary Containers

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Dispensary Containers

Info on the Best Type of Dispensary Containers for Long Term Storage.

Originally as connoseurs first and business second, we noticed that we need to keep our product fresh. That is the true reason we developed these dispensary containers. Basically we encountered some dispensaries were just not providing the same consistency of medicine because their storage solutions just did not do the trick. Much of the time their containers were the root of their evil.


wrong dispensary containers

Even now everything may look nice and organized, the bottom line is that for long term freshness and storage this is straight up bad news for your dispenary. Mainly because every last bit of this product is exposed to light, and air. Now think about how many times a day these jars are opened? How many hours they may sit up on that shelf for just degrading?



So What Are the Right Dispensary Containers?


Well, we are glad you asked. Take a look below at the proper way to store all of your weed, cannabis, marijuana or whatever you'd like to call it.


dispensary containers


Now, this my friends is the proper way! See those CVault Dispensary Size Containers behind him? That is because he wants to offer his customers the absolute freshest and most potent product they can buy. It hasn't been tainted over and over again buy light and air, because once the lid goes back on, this container gets back to work!


But Hey, Just Don't Take Our Word for It...


Literally, so many dispenasries are offering their product stored from a CVault. And honestly, why wouldn't you want to offer your customers the best? It's truly the best option...no thinking required!

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