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Have the need for proper humidity control? Then these humidity control packets by Boveda are the best in the business. These 320 Gram in 58% relative humidity control your humidity perfectly inside the specifically designed CVault. If you are a cannabis grower, farmer of fresh herbs or spices or just need some proper bulk humidity for the best air-tight storage container in the business, then these super large packs are for you.



Humidity Control Packet in 58% Humidity Made of the Following

- All Natural Ingredients

- Uses Salt and Water (No Harsh Chemicals)

- Specifically Designed to Work with 21 Liter CVault

- Patented 2 Way Package Humidity Distribution


So, if you are looking for some serious humidity, then you are going want to stay fresh longer for your customers with these 320 Gram humidity control packets and our commercial airtight storage containers the CVault.

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