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Do you have the need to store alot of weed? Then as a dispensary, you'll be happy that you found us. This is our wholesale dispensary supplies package. Weed industry's best storage container CVault comes in this large 21 Liter size with required 320 Gram Boveda. These weed storage containers have science built into them, because under the lid is where all the magic happens. You'll see that these 62% humidity packs will cure and preserve your weed so that your customers get the freshest product.

Here's What Comes in Your Wholesale Dispensary Supplies Package

- 4 Official 21 Liter CVault Weed Storage Containers

- 4 Official 320 Gram Boveda Humidity Packs

- Instructions Included on How to Properly Use Your CVault Containers

Here's What You Need to Know About our Weed Storage Containers

- Made from Food Grade Stainless Steel

- Keeps Out Light & Air & Makes Airtight Seal Everytime

- The Largest Weed Storage Container on The Market (Created Exclusively For Growers & Dispensary Product Owners That Care!)

- Seal, Cure & Tag Your Product for Your Customers

As you can see, these weed storage containers don't dissapoint, so save your product and save some money with our discounted wholesale supplies package.

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